How do I verify an artist/label with RouteNote?

During the moderation process, we may ask for verification for artists or labels mentioned in your releases.

You can clear artists/labels with RouteNote and get the green light for distribution in a few ways –

Supplying official signed contracts from both parties
Digital copies of any signed contracts between both parties (e.g. the uploader and the artist being uploaded) sent to along with your UPC and username.

Evidence of the artist logged into official profiles
Screenshots of the artist/label logged into the admin side of their official social media (Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram) sent to along with your UPC and username.

Social media messages from official profiles
Messages sent from the artist/label’s official social media to either the RouteNote official Facebook or Twitter.

Contact made from email listed on official profiles
Emails sent from the email listed on official social media profiles to along with your UPC and username. For example, if my email on my official social media is publicly listed as ‘’, I will need to send an email from that address to

Please be aware that these forms of verification apply to RouteNote only and will not verify you on stores such as Spotify, iTunes etc.
For more information about verifying and claiming your artist pages, check out this article.

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