How do I monetize my music on SoundCloud?

To monetize your tracks on SoundCloud, follow these steps:

1. Add your SoundCloud channel to our network via the SoundCloud Management page.
2. Add new releases for distribution, or edit your back catalog, and tick SoundCloud in the Manage Stores section of your release.
3. Go back to the SoundCloud Management page and add your SoundCloud Track URLs to the Uncleared tracks.
4. Once the track is Cleared, our team will send that track to SoundCloud for monetization.

For detailed steps, please check out the SoundCloud User Guide.

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Private Links
To monetize a private link, please clear the track as normal, omitting the private code at the end of the link. Please then contact to confirm you’ve done this, otherwise the link could get lost in the system.
By clearing your private link, your track will be monetizing from the first play, however it will appear as “X” days old on your page. For example, if the track has been private for 9 days, it will appear as 9 days old from day 1 of it being public.

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