Can I upload cover songs with RouteNote?

Yes – though restrictions may apply

You can distribute covers through RouteNote to Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Nuuday, Anghami, & JioSaavn without needing a mechanical license. If you want to distribute your content to more stores than this selection, you will need to either purchase a mechanical license for the cover track(s), or to exclude certain territories from your release.

You can purchase mechanical licenses from these sites:


If you don’t obtain the licenses, the following territories will need to be excluded from your release:
USA, Canada, Mexico, India and Pakistan.

You can do this within the ‘Manage Stores’ section of your release.

With either option, you’ll need to ensure that you list the original artist(s) in the ‘C Line’ of your release metadata – if you need to credit multiple artists, please ensure that these are separated by a comma (for example: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cher).

For more information on uploading cover songs, check out our video!

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