Can I use a picture from Google as my artwork?

Sorry! This road leads to a dead end.

Even if something is free to view on the internet, we’re afraid that doesn’t mean that it’s free to be used commerically. In other words, no, unfortunately, you can’t just pick a picture from Google and use it as your artwork for your RouteNote release.

If you’re looking for artwork to use for your release, you must ensure you’ve got the appropriate rights for it.

This also applies even if the image you’re using is only part of your artwork. For example, if you took a screencap from “Star Wars”, cut out one character and used them in artwork where you’d made the rest of it yourself, we’d still need to ask you to remove the character as that image is owned by someone else.

Have a watch of our handy video below for more tips!

Check out the full RouteNote Style Guide here!

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