How do I gain access to Spotify for Artists as an artist/manager?

Personalise your profile, create your own style, the many benefits make it all worthwhile

There’s a couple of ways in which you can gain access to Spotify for Artists… You can:

  • Claim an artist profile
    You can get started by clicking here. Your request will be reviewed manually within a few days.
  • Ask your team to invite you
    If someone on your team has Admin access, you can ask them to send you an invite.

If you’re claiming a profile before your first release, you can get your artist link or URI by heading over to the Artist Services tab of your account. There is a drop down menu which will allow you to hover over Marketing and select URL Requests. This will take you to the URL Request form. Our support team will source the relevant links for you as soon as they’re made available by the stores.

We’ve written a blog post on how to claim and personalise your artist profile on Spotify, which you can check out by clicking here.

Get a little more help by reading through Spotify’s article on Getting Access to Spotify for Artists by clicking here.

Watch Spotify’s video below:

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