Why is my release not on SoundCloud?

Not a cloud in sight?

RouteNote doesn’t distribute your content directly to SoundCloud, this is something that you will take control of! Selecting SoundCloud as a distribution store for your release allows you to monetize the eligible streams of any tracks on your SoundCloud channel that are also tracks within your RouteNote release.

So if you’ve uploaded your release to RouteNote and selected SoundCloud as a store, once your release is approved, you can then head over to the SoundCloud section of your RouteNote account. Here you’ll need to add your SoundCloud channel URL into the SoundCloud section of your RouteNote account.

The status should then say Pending. Once it’s been accepted, you’ll then need to put the URL of the tracks on your SoundCloud account into the SoundCloud section on your account next to the track ISRCs from your RouteNote release at the bottom section of the page.

Our SoundCloud guide might be helpful. 📌 Please note! You’ll need to be logged in to your RouteNote account to access the page.

For further information on monetizing your SoundCloud tracks, please head to our Support Hub article by clicking here.

If you have any further questions please email soundcloud@routenote.com!

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