Why has my approved release gone back into review?

No need to feel blue if your release is ‘In Review’ 💙

If you notice your approved release has gone back into the ‘in review‘ tab within your discography, don’t panic!

As soon as you make changes to your release’s metadata, these updates need to be reviewed by our moderation team. Don’t worry though, your release remains live in stores – just as it was before you made the changes!

Once these updates have been approved, you can expect any changes you’ve made to your release to be reflected in stores within 14 days.

Please note! If your release cannot be found on stores when it’s gone back into review, this may be because you edited your release within 24hrs of the approval date. This temporarily halts the distribution process as further moderation is required.

To avoid this happening in the future, we’d recommend just double checking that all the details on your release are correct prior to submission, and if you do wish to make changes, it’s easier to do this when your release is already live on stores.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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