Can I upload an excerpt?

You can’t tease us like this! 🚫

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept excerpts uploaded through RouteNote as this classes as a partial track.

Our partner stores won’t accept releases that are just excerpts of longer tracks; for example, preview snippets of full tracks available elsewhere. This might be putting a preview of an album up on Spotify (where each track is a 30 second snippet of the full track), with the intention that people would hear the preview there, and then go and buy the full album on BandCamp.

From their point of view, stores don’t want to be using their resources to host a ‘demo’ of someone else’s content that’s mainly going to be consumed somewhere else.

Please note! Sometimes, our users accidentally upload audio that stops abruptly in the middle (because of an encoding error, or because they’ve selected the wrong file), and we refer it back to them assuming it’s a preview of a longer track. If we do refer a release back to you for this reason, please check the audio you’ve uploaded and make sure you haven’t uploaded a partial version by mistake.

Check out the full RouteNote Style Guide here!

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