Can I use a purchased backing track in my release?

There’s no shame in spending money to make sure your backing track is as good as it can be!

If you’ve bought a licence/lease to use a backing track in a commercial release, you should get a copy of that licence through as an email, usually as a PDF file. If one of the RouteNote team asks you for confirmation of your rights to use the beat in a commercial release, please send this licence in along with your username and UPC.

As long as the license you’ve purchased allows you to use the backing track for commerical use, this will be fine!

Sometimes, beats leasers use content that’s under copyright in their backing tracks. We find this is most common with free backing tracks – someone’s used samples from a high profile record to make a beat they’ve put together for fun, then they’ve put it on YouTube and said anyone can use it. In cases like this we understand that people who’ve downloaded and used that backing track won’t know that there’s copyright content in it, but we won’t be able to accept the release.

Check out the full RouteNote Style Guide here!

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