How can I use the Dual camera tool in Reels on Instagram?

Stayin’ cool with this double camera tool 📸📸

Dual camera is one of Instagram‘s tools which allows you to record with not only your phone’s front camera, but also your phone’s back-facing camera at the same time. This means you can capture real moments in 360° without any hassle, allowing you to record something and record your reaction simultaneously.

Promo tip! You can use the Dual camera tool to capture reactions to your new releases, then share it with your fans.

How do I create a Dual video?

  • Open your Instagram app and select the Plus button at the top to create a post
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Reel
  • On the left-hand side of your screen, tap the down arrow to show more
  • Select the camera icon under Dual

You’re ready to record: Tap the large Reel icon in the centre to record your video.

Remember you can upload your music to Instagram using RouteNote.

How do I upload my music to Instagram through RouteNote?

  • Sign up or log-in to RouteNote
  • Click on Create New Release
  • Add your audio files, all necessary metadata and your artwork
  • Select your stores and territories – here is where you can select Instagram or Select All Stores
  • Decide between Free or Premium distribution

And…you’re done!

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