How do I get my music on Spotify playlists?

Become an A-List, with Spotify’s playlists!

RouteNote will distribute your music to Spotify when you select Spotify as a store, once your release has arrived to Spotify, you can pitch your newest songs to be featured on their playlists.

To be featured on Spotify’s playlists is a big deal, and to take advantage of this feature you will have need to have claimed your artist page.

Already claimed your artist page? Keep reading!

First, log in to Spotify for artists. Then head over to the ‘Music’ tab, from here you will be able to view all of your releases on Spotify.

You can only pitch new songs for Spotify’s playlists, so click on the ‘Upcoming’ tab to pick the song you want to pitch!

Select the song, and fill out the info required. Top Tip: The more information you provide the better your chances are!

We recommend setting a sales start date for your release, around 3 weeks after the date you submit your release to our moderation team. This allows plenty of time for your release to be reviewed, distributed, and then considered by Spotify.

In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns!

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