What is ‘Made to Be Found’ by Spotify?

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Spotify is ever-evolving with the latest exciting updates! Made to Be Found is Spotify’s website guide for artists to learn and investigate how fans discover and groove to music on Spotify.

This site provides the tools and tips needed for you to discover, grow and engage with your audience.

Made to Be Found illustrates how music travels from distribution and playlist pitching, to three key pathways to reaching fans and listeners: editorial curation by Spotify, personalized algorithmic recommendations, and fan-led streaming.

  • Made by Editors (Editorial Streams): Over 150,000 artists were playlisted for the first time across 2020 and 2021 from using editorial curation. Spreading and highlighting new music in this way continues to help growing artists!
  • Made for You (Personalized Streams): Spotify uses many different methods in order to provide a personalised experience for Spotify users. Discover Weekly, Radio & Autoplay, Mixes and personalised editorial playlists provide individualised algorithmic recommendations, sure to suit the user’s preferred sound. 33% of all new artist discoveries on Spotify happen in these personalized sessions!
  • Made by You (Active Streams): Active streams are generated by Spotify listeners who find artists and music they love on fan-made or artist playlists, artist profiles and catalogue pages for albums or singles. Fans will follow an artist, like their songs, and create personal playlists using the music. Fact: The majority of streams on this store come from Made by You sessions!

Source of Streams

Spotify is also bringing a day-by-day breakdown of how each source (like listener’s queue, or personalised editorial playlists) is beneficial to you as the artist. You’ll be able to view these along with engagement stats like streams per listener, saves, and playlist adds.

Find this update on your Engagement tab within your Spotify for Artists account, within ‘Source of Streams‘.

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