How do I set up a pre-save?

It’s the prep that matters 🧠

Please ensure that you’ve set a release date in the future to set up a pre-save. Please bear in mind that the Original Release Date is not the same as your Sales Start Date. Find out more about the difference between your original release date and your sales start date by clicking here.

Get your store links

Firstly, you’ll need to get some of your store links from us. You can do this by heading to the Artist Services tab of your account. There is a drop down menu which will allow you to hover over Marketing and select URL Requests. This will take you to the Pre-save URL Request form.

We’ll source the relevant links (and URIs for Spotify) for you as soon as they’re made available by the stores.

Please note! Your release will need to be approved before you complete this form.

Then create your Pre-save on

Once you’ve received your links, then head to and log-in or sign up. Click Create New Link in the top left-hand corner, and select Pre-save.

Once you’ve started the creation of your pre-save link, then add in all the details; your link title, authors, a description (optional), choose a unique URL and add a feature image. Then, specify the release date of your music, and input your store links which we gave to you. Enable every platform you wish; Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Music. You’ll also be able to add any other links you wish to.

Once you’ve finished, give it a once over, give it a name and launch. Your fans will be able to use it straight away, so get sharing your link!

For further guidance on how to create your pre-save once you’ve received your links, please click here.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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