Will PUSH.fm promote or playlist my music for me?

PUSHing for powerful promo 💪

PUSH.fm is a Software-as-a-Service platform, and this means they provide you with the tools you need to promote and sell your own content. So PUSH.fm doesn’t promote user content, but it does provide some super marketing and sales products to equip yourself with in order to enhance online presence and grow your brand. Along with other tools, they offer Smart Links and Pre-saves, that can be used as part of a successful marketing campaign for streaming success and increasing your chances of being playlisted.

For guidance on how to create a Smart Link, click here.
For help on how to create a Pre-save, click here.

To learn more about marketing your music through PUSH.fm, you can read more by clicking here.

PUSH.fm also doesn’t offer playlisting services, however, with Smart Links and Pre-saves, you can create a successful marketing campaign which can increase your chances of being playlisted. RouteNote can guide you a little further with this. To pitch to RouteNote’s curated playlists, click here, and click on Playlist Submission Form.

Please note! You can now pitch an unreleased track directly to Spotify yourself, to find out more on this, click here.

For further advice on how to promote your music to a wider audience, click here.

For information on the tools and features provided by Spotify, click here for Spotify for Artist Tools 101.

If you have any issues or concerns, please contact PUSH.fm Support.

Please see PUSH’s Support Hub for further guidance.

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