How do I set up Shopping for Instagram Reels?

It’s a one stop shop, on the hot Insta drop 😍

If you’re an Instagram user with a Shop set up and enabled, you can add products to your reels easily. RouteNote is providing you with instructions below:

1. Record Your Reel

You’ll need to record a Reel to start. Remember to try your best to make the short video relevant, up-to-date and authentic to create an impact.

2. Tag Products

As soon as your reel is recorded, select ‘Tag Products’.

3. Select Products

Add the products you want to feature in your Reel. You’re also able to include product collections rather than just singular products.

4. Publish your Reel

Post the Reel to your Feed and share! Remember to turn on the Feed Previews slider if you want your followers to see it in their Feed.

For more info on Instagram Shop eligibility, click here for the requirements.

Check out Instagram’s ‘Shopping from Creators’ FAQs.

Here’s the RouteNote blog post on this feature, too!

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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