How much does RouteNote cost?

RouteNote is free and always will be!

Using RouteNote entitles you to all of our services for no upfront costs, hidden charges or extras. We don’t charge for YouTube’s Content ID, we don’t charge to add your music to the new services we partner with and we certainly don’t charge to keep your music up online should something unfortunate happen to you. Your music is safe here, forever if you like!

Our free plan is just that, free!
It entitles you to 85% of the net revenue we receive from the usage of your music.

However! If you do want to keep 100% of the net revenues, you can always upgrade your releases to the premium plan and all the money is yours, no problem. We allow you to pick and choose, moving seamlessly between free and premium, whenever you like.

Premium Pricing
1 track release – $10
2-6 track release – $20
7-18 track release – $30
19+ track release – $45

There is a renewal fee every year of $9.99 per release for storage, admin and maintenance.

Choose the deal which makes the most sense for your release.

If you are planning a large promotional campaign, why not try premium for a year? It might save you more in the long run and you can always cancel the renewal at the end of the year so that the release will automatically move to the free plan.

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