What can I do if a release is on the wrong artist page?

Don’t worry! We can help you get your RouteNote content mapped correctly.

Unfortunately, releases can sometimes land on the wrong profile or channel. If artist names are similar or match to others, there’s a chance your music will land on someone else’s artist page on stores.

The mapping process is carried out by stores rather than ourselves, but we can request that your release is either moved to the correct artist page, or a new artist page, once your release is available on the stores.

Please complete our Content Mapping Request form and we will request that this is updated for you.

Before proceeding with the form, it’s worth noting that you can now submit a Content Mapping Request with Spotify directly if you have already claimed your artist page – https://artists.spotify.com/c/content-mismatch

iTunes/ Apple Music also allow you to request this correction if you have an Apple Music for Artists account. Head to their FAQs here to find the link to contact them for this: https://artists.apple.com/support/1113-faqs

Here are the options you will be choosing from:

I need a new artist page

If your release has landed on an incorrect artist page/channel and you don’t have an artist page/channel yet, please select the first option on the form – ‘I need a new artist page’.

If you have updated your artist name and your release has landed on your old artist page/channel and you want a new artist page/channel, please also select the first option on the form.

I need to move my release to the correct artist page that already exists

If your release lands on another artist page/channel, and you already have an artist page/channel, please select the second option on the form – ‘I need to move my release to the correct artist page that already exists’.

Please note that even if you have a topic channel on YouTube Music, releases are often assigned to Various Artists topic channels when they first arrive to YouTube Music. They are usually allocated to an appropriate topic channel within the 30 days of the release being live – please fill out the Content Mapping Request form if the issue still occurs after this time.

There is a release on my artist page that does not belong to me, I need it removed from my artist page

This one is pretty self-explanatory!

If another artist’s hard work has ended up on your artist page/channel, please select the third option on the form – ‘There is a release on my artist page…’.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns!

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