What are Spotify Charts?

Want to know what everyone’s listening to? Spotify‘s making it easy!

Spotify have launched their own music streaming charts. Here you can view the Top 200 Album & Songs from each country and the Viral 50 Albums & Songs for each country, which is updated weekly. No easier way to keep up with the trends!

This creates another way for artists and their fans to celebrate their achievements on Spotify.

Spotify has made some recent updates to Charts…

Artist Charts – weekly and daily ranks of the top 200 artists globally and across 65 territories
Genre Charts – weekly rank of the top 200 songs across 17 different genres, both globally and by territory
City Charts – weekly rank of the top 100 songs across 200+ cities around the world
Headlines – highlights of the highest new entries, biggest gainers and longest streaks, based on data collection

They’ve also introduced a ‘More‘ dropdown option for an expanded view of a release’s information. This includes:

  • Songwriter, producer and distributor details
  • The first entry date & position on the charts
  • Total concurrent weeks on the chart
  • “Share Promo Card” feature for every chart entry, including our new Artist, Genre, City and Local Pulse charts

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