What is KKBOX?

Showing you the newest addition to RouteNote‘s friends list.

Our newest partner store, KKBOX is a music streaming service formed in 2005. It was developed by KKBox Inc., a software company in Taipei, Taiwan.

KKBOX is Asia’s leading music streaming service and holds the largest Chinese music library.

It features over 10 million music tracks from over 500 major and local music labels and publishers.

KKBox is using transformational technologies to constantly update and explore ways to make content more accessible, affordable and exciting! There’s no better way of keeping up-to-the-minute.

This store is available in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei.

Subscription options shown below:

Maxis Monthly Recurring Plan (first month free) RM14.90
Monthly Subscription RM14.90
30 days RM14.90
90 days (5 days free) RM44.70
365 days (30 days free) RM178.80

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