What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube certainly aren’t short of ideas! 💡

YouTube Shorts are all about focusing on vertical video and introducing short-form content tools. They aim to provide an efficient way of shooting short content with only using a mobile phone and the YouTube app.

Through Shorts, audiences can discover artists and music by using features like the Audio Library and sound page.

You can also make a Short using eligible YouTube videos on the platform. Just tap on ‘Create’ under the video, adjust your music and edit your Short, then go ahead and upload!

Here’s how to add music

  • Tap ‘Add Music‘ in the Shorts camera
  • Search within the Audio Library
  • Add and adjust music in your Short

Top tip:
You can connect with your audience after your release has uploaded to YouTube by posting new Shorts that inspire fans to use your music. Have a peek at the sound page for your music where you can see the Shorts that are being made. You can also shout out your favourite fan creations, share on your community page and encourage more fans to create Shorts.

YouTube have included Shorts insights through Analytics for Artists, which can display which songs are getting more popular on Shorts and show you more ways to see how your fans are engaging with your music.

Have a little look at the Engagement tab within Analytics for Artists, where you will find:

  • Shorts published: Your songs that were used most in Shorts created or uploaded during the time period.
  • Shorts views: Your songs with the most views in Shorts during the time period.
  • Top Shorts with your song: Shorts that feature your music with the most views during the time period.

In the meantime feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns!

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