What is an audio watermark?

Don’t drown in the unknown abyss of watermarks, we’re here to bring you back to land 🌊

Audio watermarks are methods of protecting music from being stolen and used or altered without the owner’s permission. It’s similar to how photographers use watermarks on their photos to identify ownership of copyright.

An audio watermark is usually a short piece of audio that is added to an artist’s track. This can be anything from their own sample, or a spoken, short phrase. This can be layered on top of the artist’s original track, and is usually placed about two thirds of the way into the track or at the start.

An example of an audio watermark could be a rapper’s name, or a remixer’s catchphrase, or an artist’s small singing excerpt.

If you’ve uploaded a release with RouteNote that contains an audio watermark, our moderation team may ask you for proof of ownership or for further information. For guidance on how to prove a watermark belongs to you, click here.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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