How do I distribute music with RouteNote?

Aaaaand it’s take off! To each planet of music platform 🚀

To create a release, sign in to your RouteNote account, click on the Distribution tab on the left, and then click Create New Release

You will then be able to…

Ensure to have a look through RouteNote’s Terms and Conditions and our Artist/Label Agreement, and tick the box to state that you understand and accept. Please note! These terms must be accepted upon use of the site and releases cannot be submitted without your agreement to these.

Your release will then be sent to the moderation team for review before your release is sent to your chosen stores. 

Once your release has been approved, our distribution team will send this to your selected stores within 24 hours. Please allow 7-14 days from your approved date for your release to be fully ingested into your chosen stores. If you have set a sales start date on your release for a date that falls after this time frame, your release will become available on your selected date.

For further information on how to create a release, please head to our Support Hub article by clicking here.

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