What is JOOX?

Get ready to be impressed, RouteNote‘s new partner store is certainly no JOOX 😎

JOOX is the biggest music streaming app in Asian markets. Launched in 2015, JOOX is a music streaming service that provides most of it’s songs for free.

Not only will the app allow you to match your music to your mood with recommended playlists, JOOX will also provide live videos from your best-loved artists and will allow you to sing along with them using a karaoke feature. They can also provide you with benefits of social experiences like live video group chat rooms. Need we go on?

The app is available across devices such as iOS, android, desktop, Android TV, Google Nest and you can also use their website.

Here’s how to get your music on JOOX through RouteNote!

  • Sign in to your RouteNote account
  • Click on the Distribution tab on the left
  • Click Create New Release
  • Then upload audio and artwork, insert metadata and choose your stores and territories – here is where you select JOOX!

Your release will then be sent to the moderation team for review before your release is sent to your chosen stores. 

Existing users’ music will be sent to JOOX automatically. Please contact support@routenote.com to opt out.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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