What is PUSH.fm?

Give yourself a gentle PUSH in the right direction for your marketing needs.

RouteNote is partnered with PUSH.fm; a platform that builds digital marketing tools for independent artists, labels, content creators and more. PUSH offers a whole host of tools in their toolbox, each designed to streamline your marketing plans, boost engagement and push your music further.

They currently offer 3 digital promotional tools that you can use to upgrade your DIY marketing plans:

Smart Links a digital ‘hub’ that contains links to all of your music and content across the web. Fan Links, our musical-orientated Smart Link, are perfect for bundling up your release URLs across all streaming platforms rather than sharing each link individually.

Pre-save Campaigns think of them as a digital pre-order. Fans who Pre-save your release will see it magically land in their libraries on release day. Perfect for locking in listeners, guaranteeing streams and boosting release day engagement.

Reward Linksa digital link where you can ask fans to complete certain musical and social actions in exchange for exclusive downloads, secret URLs or hidden messages. Why not ask your fans to stream your release or follow your profile in exchange for an unreleased remix or a merchandise discount code?

Further perks with PUSH.fm:

  • we accept both card and paypal payments now to upgrade to premium
  • free offers unlimited plans with 1GB storage
  • premium offers all the free perks, plus 50GB storage, Facebook Pixel and unlimited Competitions

You don’t need any previous marketing experience to use PUSH.fm; just some content for you to market. Head over to PUSH.fm and sign up for free here.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns!

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