What is RouteNote Create?

Innovate, invent and inspire with RouteNote Create.

RouteNote Create is the Ultimate Samples Subscription Service aiming to make great samples more accessible and affordable to the public, delivering a useful and certainly nifty service for all music creators.

Starting at only $2.99 a month, Create allows you to access individual samples or full packs which are guaranteed to be completely original – this means that providing you have no other issues, you’ll fly through moderation.

Each subscription gives the user an amount of credits to spend each month on audio packs and individual one-shots. Every month new credits will be added to accounts, allowing users to build their credits each month and build up to buying bigger packs and premium sounds.

  • Hobbyist: 100 credits per month – $2.99
  • Bedroom Producer: 300 credits per month – $5.99
  • Professional: 600 credits per month – $9.99
  • Boss: 2000 credits per month – $14.99

Here’s something great! Every pack and sample bought is yours to keep forever and use in any way you like within your tracks. Even when you cancel your subscription, the sounds that you have purchased continue to be yours after cancellation.

If you go the RouteNote Create way, each purchase comes with a unique licence ID; if you pop that through to us at moderation@routenote.com along with your username and the UPC of the release, then we’ll be able to clear it immediately for you.

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