What is an exclusive sample?

What’s mine is yours… Until it comes to the world of exclusive samples 💔

Any samples that can’t be purchased or used by anyone else are exclusive! If you’ve created a sample yourself, or the sample has been created specifically for your release, the sample is most likely exclusive. You may also want to consider using a watermark when creating your own samples.

When you’re using free or purchased samples and sample packs, or are using/remixing any content in your RouteNote release that you haven’t created, we recommend checking if these are exclusive or non-exclusive. You should always check the agreement when acquiring the samples.

We may still need to ask for proof of purchase or permission to use samples during moderation. You can provide this in the form of licences, links, or other documentation relating to the sample. You can reach our moderation team at moderation@routenote.com, along with your release UPC.

If your sample is original, you can let us know by sending in:

  • the unedited audio of the sample on its own
  • your username
  • the UPC of the release

If you’ve got any other questions or concerns, get in touch with us!

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