What is Zing MP3?

Gifting our RouteNote users with a new store. Trust us, it’s amaZing!

Zing MP3 is the leading free music player in Vietnam, founded in 2007. Zing MP3 offers music lovers a huge music library with tens of millions of high-quality copyrighted songs of all genres and is constantly updated with the latest content every day.

With many handy features, Zing MP3 is making it easy for users to have a smooth and easy music listening experience. You’ll find various genres, including rap, pop, metal and more. The app supports high quality online videos as well as audios, with the option of lyrics. Zing MP3 is a Vietnamese app, but it supports both Vietnamese and English. Zing is also available across a number of devices: PC, smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs.

Members of Zing MP3 can organize their own personal music library, upload and store their own music store direct on Zing and also create playlists to listen to and share with your pals!

For their paid subscription fees, Zing MP3 offers the following:

  • Standard monthly subscription: VND49,000
  • 6-month subscription: VND279,000
  • 12-month subscription: VND499,000
  • Monthly Family package: VND89,000 for up to 6 pax

How do I send my RouteNote release to Zing MP3?

When creating or updating your release, select the Manage Stores section. From here you can either select Zing MP3 by ticking the box, or you can tick the Select All Stores box which will distribute your release to Zing MP3 along with all other stores.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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