How much do I get paid per stream?

Royalties per stream vary depending on many factors. Here are a few of them…

Streams coming from different countries can pay out different streaming rates, and not all are monetizable on all platforms.
This is often because the service charges their users differently, usually somewhat inline with the GDP of the country.

Author: Glen Peoples

Although the major western services are all pretty comparable, each different streaming service will be slightly different. Which services is paying out the highest rate per territory, per stream is constantly changing.

Eligible Plays
Some streams may have come from plays that only played your track for 20 seconds, these are “short streams” or “skips”. Again each service treats these differently but they are often either not monetized or heavily discounted.
On ad supported services, ad blockers will reflect the numbers but not the earnings as no earnings have been generated.

Ad Supported vs Subscription
In all cases where a service has both a free or ad supported model one thing is certain, the ad supported streams will always pay you less per stream. It’s much more beneficial to have your streams come from paid users.

Tell me anyway!
Ok, well we have written a blog post with a handy chart of services and what they can roughly pay per stream.

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