Should I pay for my streams?

‘Real’? ‘Genuine’? We smell a rat 🐀

RouteNote would strongly advise against using any sites promising you ‘real’ or ‘genuine’ streams on Spotify or other stores. More often than not, these streams are artificial – even if they say they’re genuine.

If artificial streams are reported to us, we may have to remove the content or take further action. RouteNote and our partners don’t consider these streams to be legitimate and the streams will more than likely be flagged up by stores as fraudulent, artificial or suspicious.

Stores can take action that may include the withholding of illegitimately-earnt royalties, the correction of streaming figures, measures to ensure the artist or song’s popularity gets accurately reflected in their charts, or in some cases the removal of the content.

We would always recommend aiming towards legitimate growth. We can provide plenty of help and advice on how to build your audience organically!

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Have a watch of our video below for further information on bot streaming!

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