What type of royalties do RouteNote collect?

RouteNote collects the earnings from your streams and downloads.

RouteNote collects the earnings for reproductions (streams and downloads) of the releases that you have distributed with us – this is also known as the master license royalty.

There are many royalty collection agencies such as SoundExchange, PRS and PPL that collect different types of royalties.

Here are a few examples of royalty collection agencies and the type of royalties they collect:

PPL/ASCAP/SOCAN/SACEM – the performance royalty: this can come from a live performance at a venue, radio play, TV play etc.

PRS/MCPS/CMRRA/SACEM – the mechanical royalty: this is the royalty for the composition of the content.

Using one of our major partner stores as an example, Spotify will generate two types of royalty with every stream, the master license and the mechanical royalty. 

RouteNote will collect the master license royalty, whilst companies like SoundExchange will collect the mechanical royalty – you will need to sign up to a collection agency in order to collect these other types of royalties. 

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