What are the benefits to having a YouTube Official Artist Channel (OAC)?

No guitar strings attached! 🎸

RouteNote always want the best for our artists, and we believe Official Artist Channels are one of the best ways you can promote yourself!

An Official Artist Channel gives you access to useful features that allow you to maximise your exposure to fans.

Unified Content

All content that’s available on your separate YouTube channels is now easily accessible in one convenient place.

This includes any music videos for your tracks and personal or ‘behind the scenes’ type videos, in addition to any arts tracks that are available on your topic channel – with everything in one place your fans no longer have to go hunting for your content!

These different content types now appear as separate automatically generated shelves within your Official Artist Page, which lets your fans choose easily between the type of content they’re looking for.

OAC Artist Watch Card

When you’re searching for your artist on YouTube, your artist watch card (displayed to the right of the search results) will now take you directly to your Official Artist Channel – making it easier for existing and potential new fans to locate you on YouTube.

Increased Promotional Control

Ever had a video on your owned and operated (O&O) YouTube channel that you wish could be used to promote yourself on your topic channel?

This is now possible! When the content from your separate channels are combined into an Official Artist Channel, you’re able to promote yourself to fans in exactly the way you like. This is a great feature if you’re looking to promote a recently released video or a video that you feel represents you in the best way.

Another new feature is the option to have a ‘promotional shelf’ which displays a personally curated reel of your content. All content below your automatically generated shelves is also fully customisable, allowing for even greater flexibility.

Check out our video below for more information!

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