Can I edit or replace the audio on my release after it has been approved?

You can’t improve it; once we approve it, you’ll just have to remove it! 🧼

Unfortunately, our partner stores do not allow us to edit or update audio once we’ve approved and distributed your release.

If you’d like to edit the audio in any way (i.e. add, remove or replace tracks), you will need to request the removal of the entire release, then reupload a new release with the updated audio.

We know this sounds like a pain, so to avoid your content being removed for too long, please get in touch via or open a support ticket – let us know the UPC of the release you’d like removing along with your replacement UPC, then we can request your replacement content is checked over and approved as soon as possible!

Please note that you can make metadata changes after approval of your release.

You’re able to change your artwork, release title, artist name, genre and more – we’ll take care of sending your updates to stores.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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