Can I use direct samples from other people’s tracks in my release?

You may be headed directly towards a dead end on that one.

If you’ve uploaded a release through RouteNote and directly sampled an existing track made by someone else, we’ll have to refer the release back to you and ask for confirmation that you have permission from the original creator that you’re allowed to use their content in a commercial release.

There’s many famous tracks out there that sample audio from existing releases, but the rights allowing those artists to use those samples have always been sorted out in advance. Unfortunately, you can’t just use someone else’s audio in your release without their permission, even if you modify it!

If we do ask you to prove that you’re allowed to use samples, the best way to do it is always to have creator of the original track you’ve sampled email us directly at, including:

  • the UPC of your release
  • your username in the email

Unfortunately, screenshots of conversations you’ve had with them aren’t enough; it’s easy to fake a screenshot, so we can’t rely on them.

If you want to sample part of a high profile release from a track published by a major label, they are very unlikely to give you permission to use them in a commercial release. We’d have to reject any release using high profile samples without rights or permission.

Have you heard of RouteNote Create?
Our sample subscription sample service, RouteNote Create, allows you to access individual samples or full packs which are guaranteed to be completely original. Subscriptions start at only $2.99 a month! Samples from RouteNote Create also make it easy to clear moderation as each purchase comes with a unique licence ID. If you pop that through to us at along with your username and the UPC of the release, then we’ll be able to clear it for use.

Check out the full RouteNote Style Guide here!

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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