How do I prove I have the rights to use a sample with RouteNote?

Make sure you’re geared to get the samples cleared 💪

When you’re releasing a track or release which contains samples, you’ll likely need to clear these with our team during the moderation process.

You’ll need to prove that these samples belong to you or that you have the rights to use the samples commercially. If the sample/s belongs to you then please read our article by clicking here for further advice on how to clear this.

If the samples used don’t belong to you, our moderation team will require further information to check that these can be used commercially. Please email with any licenses, leases, links or documentation that you can provide as evidence. Ensure to include your username and UPC for the release within the email.

📌 Please note! If your release has been sent back to you by our moderation team, you’ll need to ensure that you press the send to moderation button at the bottom of the release page once you’ve sent the email as above. This is to ensure that your release is sent back into review and so our moderation team know you’ve responded.

For further reading on using samples with RouteNote, please head to our article here.

Don’t forget! You can now use our royalty free sample site RouteNote Create to access our extensive library of sounds for use within your productions. For further reading on RouteNote Create, click here.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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