Will Content ID be blocked on my release if I use samples?

If the samples used in your release are available for anyone to obtain, it can’t be sent to Content ID stores.

If you use any non-exclusive samples in your RouteNote release, unfortunately, we won’t be able to put it on services with content ID systems running. These stores are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Non-exclusive samples are samples that anyone could obtain for their own track, whether purchased or available for free.

Content ID systems compare audio in their database against anything that’s already been uploaded. If you use a non-exclusive sample, even though you do have the rights to use it, the system will incorrectly claim ownership of other content using the same sample.

In other words, if the sample you’re using is already part of existing tracks online or could be obtained by anyone to use in their release, inaccurate matches and claims would be generated if a track using the same sample gets sent to Content ID stores.

Please be assured that you can still use the samples in your release if you select stores for distribution which don’t rely on Content ID systems. Read more about using samples in your RouteNote release here.

Check out the full RouteNote Style Guide here!

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