Can I use sample pack content in my release?

Give us a clue, we might send it through 🔎

We receive lots of content uploaded through RouteNote containing samples from sample packs, sound backs bundled with DAWs and other similar sources.

We try not to delay the release process, however our moderation team might need to ask you about where the sample came from. This is normally because the same sample has also been used by a high profile/major label artist, so we have to make sure it hasn’t been sampled straight from that track.

If you got your sample from a sample pack, please send in the following to

  • Proof of purchase for the sample pack
    If you’ve bought a sample pack, you’ll get a receipt or proof of purchase of some form, usually by email.
  • An unedited audio file of the original sample
    This lets us check the file without any background audio.
  • A link to the sample pack online
    If it’s still available, please send in a link to where the sample pack is up for sale.

Remember to include your username and the UPC of the release in the email.

Our sample subscription service, RouteNote Create, allows you to access individual samples or full packs which are guaranteed to be completely original. Subscriptions start at only $2.99 a month! Samples from RouteNote Create also make it easy to clear moderation, as each purchase comes with a unique licence ID. If you pop that through to us at along with your username and the UPC of the release, then we’ll be able to clear it for use.

Check out the full RouteNote Style Guide here!

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