Can I sample content from TikTok?

TikTok just ain’t got the time.

Some people may sample content from TikTok, or other media sites, and use it in their releases. It’s easy to think that because videos are free to view on these platforms they’re also free to reuse in their own tracks. Unfortunately, that’s not the case – you can’t just sample an online video and use it in your release.

One problem with online videos is that, very often, the person uploading the video doesn’t own the copyright on the video. If someone uploads a scene from a film, the company who published the film still owns the copyright for it. The uploader might say you can use it, but it’s not theirs to give permission for.

If you have used audio from an online video and we ask about it during the moderation process, please include the following in your email to

  • a link to the video you took the sample from
  • your username
  • the UPC of the release.

If the uploader definitely owns the content they’ve uploaded and they’ve clearly said other people are allowed to use it for commercial purposes, we should be able to accept it without issue!

Sorting out who owns what on sites like this can be very difficult. We would recommend you don’t use samples from online videos in your releases.

Our sample subscription service, RouteNote Create, allows you to access individual samples or full packs which are guaranteed to be completely original. Subscriptions start at only $2.99 a month, and using samples from RouteNote Create makes it even easier to clear moderation. Each purchase comes with a unique licence ID – if you pop that through to us at along with your username and the UPC of the release, then we’ll be able to clear the samples for you.

Check out the full RouteNote Style Guide here!

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