How do I switch to RouteNote from another music distributor like Tunecore, CD Baby or Distrokid?

It’s never been easier to come to the world of RouteNote.

In order to switch to RouteNote from another distributor, you will need to contact your current distributor and request that they take your content down from stores and streaming services.

Once they have removed your release from stores – you can then upload your music through RouteNote and we’ll distribute it to your selected stores and streaming services.

When uploading make sure you use the same ISRC and UPCs as you did with your old distributor – this will help to keep your statistics and playlists within streaming services!

Remember! You’re more than welcome to use another distributor as well as RouteNote if you like, but bear in mind that stores will not accept multiple copies of the same release, so if you’re uploading a release via more than one distributor, please ensure that you don’t select the same platforms on both.

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