How do I use tracks from Creator Music in my YouTube content?

As Journey would say…don’t stop creatin’, hold on to that feelin’ 🎶

Head to YouTube Studio, and from the left menu, click on Creator Music.

You can either browse through tracks or search for a specific track to use as a perfect choice to suit your content.

YouTube has provided a few ideas to find your ideal tracks:

  • Browse featured tracks on the Home page
  • Browse tracks in categories like genre and mood
  • Search for a specific track or artist
  • Search for tracks that are licensable or eligible to share revenue

When you’ve found the perfect track for you, you’ll be able to view this on the Your Library page. Here you can see all the tracks you’ve saved, downloaded and licensed.

There’s a couple of ways you can choose to proceed;

You can either buy a license, which means you’ll be paying a fee in order to keep the full monetisation of your video that uses the track. You’ll also earn from the ad revenue, as you would if you hadn’t put any music over your video.

Or you can revenue share, which means you’ll split the revenue from advertising with the track’s rights holders, providing your video meets the revenue sharing requirements. 📌 Please note! If there’s no usage option available, and you still pick the track to use in your video, you might end up with a copyright takedown or Content ID claim on your video.

For further help, please view YouTube’s guidance, Creator Music FAQ.

For further information from RouteNote, head to our blog post on YouTube’s Creator Music.

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