How can I monetise with YouTube through RouteNote?

We all need a little bread in the tin 💰

There’s a couple of ways you can make money using YouTube through RouteNote

Content ID

If you select YouTube as a store, this will submit your release to YouTube’s content ID system where we will claim and monetize any video on YouTube that uses your sound asset.

If you’re wondering, this is what a claim looks like:

To qualify for this, your release must not match with anything else during the moderation process at RouteNote.
You can click here for a list of criteria that your release must fit before we can distribute it to Content Recognition stores.

With Content ID, there are two ways of collecting the revenue, depending on which distribution model you choose
– If you go with Free distribution, we will take a 15% cut, and you will keep the 85%. There are no hidden charges or extra fees! 
– If you choose Premium distribution, you will keep 100% of the royalties. There is a fee depending on the length of your release, then $9.99 annually from the subsequent year. 

YouTube Music & topic channel videos

By selecting YouTube Music as a store, this will add your release to the YouTube Music library as well as create a topic channel with automatically generated art tracks.

RouteNote then collects the earnings for reproductions (streams and downloads) of your content on the store.

Please note! Most people who watch videos skip past the ads. If this is the case, YouTube will not consider them to be viewers for payment purposes. In practice, only 15% of video watchers on average watch at least 30 seconds of an advertising video, which officially counts as being a view.

Your earnings and statistics for the majority of stores are reflected on your account 45 days after the month they are earned in; for example – June’s earnings will be available on August 15th. Read more about the payment run here.


RouteNote can help you collect a type of royalty from YouTube known as a ‘Sync’ or ‘ Micro Synchronization’ royalty. Whenever a video containing one of your compositions is viewed from the US, you are entitled to a synchronization royalty which, unless claimed, is held by YouTube. If you own your compositions and have Content ID enabled you will be eligible to claim this royalty.

If you’re interested in collecting this royalty, please get in touch with us at

For further information on how to make money through YouTube Content ID, watch our video below!

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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