How does YouTube’s Content ID system work?

Making CID easy peasy 🍋

When you create a release and select YouTube as a store, we’ll submit your release to YouTube’s Content ID system.

This is one of many ways in which you can utilise YouTube to monetise your content.

YouTube’s Content ID system uses audio fingerprinting to identify videos that use all or part of your music in them. Claims are placed on these matching videos which monetises the audio on your behalf.

In order for your release to be eligible for distribution to the Content ID system, it must not contain any non-exclusive samples, or content that might have already been uploaded to Content ID.

Click here for a list of criteria that your release must fit before we can distribute it to Content Recognition stores.

If your release is not eligible for Content Recognition stores, you can dispute this by clicking here and filling the form.

Once we have received the request, the Moderation Team can review your dispute and get back to you with their reply.

Read more on YouTube Content ID by clicking here for our blog post.

For more info on this, check out our video below!

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