What are Spotify Promo Cards?

Getting promo is no longer in slow-mo 🚗💨

Spotify‘s easy tool Promo Cards is a great way of creating quick promotional material within just a few clicks. You can create marketing content for your songs, albums and artist profiles for you to share on social media or download as a file to use at a later date.

  • SELECT: Search for the content you want to promote. You can share your artist profile, a track, or an album. If one of your songs has been playlisted, you’ll see the option to share a customized Promo Card in the search results for the track.
  • CUSTOMIZE: How do you want fans to see the image? Will it be square, horizontal, or portrait? You can choose the aspect ratio and background color from a palette of complementary options.
  • SHARE: Download your new creation and upload it wherever you like with the link to your content the site generates. You can also choose one of the direct share options on the site to post it to social media.

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You can now make Promo Cards for milestones:

  • You can create Promo Cards when you reach Spotify follower milestones — when you reach 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 500k, 1M, 2M, 5M, 10M, 20M, 25M, or 100M followers. Search for and select your artist name, then change the Focus to Milestone.
  • You can create Promo Cards if your songs reach the Spotify Global Top Songs weekly chart (top 50). Just search for and select the track, then change the Focus to Milestone…then share!

You are now also able to add playlist Promo Cards for over 60 playlists! You can find playlist Promo Cards by searching for the track, and selecting the eligible playlist from the search results.

Here’s some examples of what you can create:


New playlists:

New song:

Have a read of more info on Promo Cards by clicking here.

A further update: Using any track or album within seven days of an anniversary (before or after the original release date), you’ll now be able to generate a Promo Card marking the anniversary for your fans.

Have a gander at more updates by Spotify’s Promo Cards:

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