What is Boomplay?


We’re proud to announce our newest partner, Boomplay Music, the number one music app in Africa. The app was first launched in 2015 in Nigeria, by TECNO Mobile, Transsion Holdings. Boomplay provides access to the largest catalogue of African and international music with over 85 million songs, 7.5 million artists, creating over 75 million monthly active users.

Read more on what Boomplay is all about by clicking here.

Boomplay offers a free service, giving you all the basic features:

  • Access to over 85 million songs, videos and entertainment news
  • Download millions of songs and listen offline without using data
  • Download in HD quality audio
  • Make use of the Buzz community; get all of the most popular music, entertainment, sports and lifestyle news as well as exclusive interviews with top artists

Boomplay also offers a Premium service, which provides:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Premium content; premium playlists, and more podcasts and videos
  • Best quality music
  • Cache music; choose to cache up to 1GB of music, while free users can only cache 256MB
  • No ads
  • Premium products; the products with a ‘subscribers’ icon can be redeemed, also redeem the exclusive gifts or get a max exclusive discount in Account – BoomMall
  • Extra points; points can be used to redeem product gifts Airtime and electronics
  • Campaign benefits; access to extra benefits in Boomplay campaigns

Existing RouteNote releases will be sent to Boomplay automatically, so no need to worry about updating your release! If you want to opt out of this, please let us know at support@routenote.com or by creating a ticket. For more on automatic distribution to new stores and opting out, click here.

So, if you’re creating a release and want to know how to send your release to Boomplay, follow the instructions below:

  • Sign up or log-in to RouteNote
  • Click on Create New Release
  • Add your audio files, all necessary metadata and your artwork
  • Select your stores and territories – here is where you can select Boomplay or Select All Stores
  • Decide between Free or Premium distribution

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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