How can I get my music heard by influencers and labels?

No pain and all gain

Getting your music heard by the right people can be tricky – but this article can help you out!

Once your music is out there, it can be accessed by anyone within your selected territories. To maximize it’s potential, you want it to be heard by as many people as possible.


SubmitHub are a company who work with artists to get their music heard. They allow you the flexibility to select influencers you want your music to be sent to and these influencers may then share it to their profiles (if they like it!).

There is both a free and premium service offered. With their free service, you can select up to 2 influencers/publications every 4 hours. Your music will be sent to them and they can decide if they want to help promote it. Their premium service guarantees your music will be listened to and has a much faster turnaround, meaning you will get feedback on your work quicker.

Premium credits start at $6 for 5, and get cheaper the more you buy. Roughly 11% of Premium submissions get approved.
SubmitHub says that 4% of standard submissions get approved, which (considering they’re free and regularly updated) is pretty great for some free promotion!

It’s super simple and absolutely affordable – RouteNote would recommend!

For more in depth information about SubmitHub and how they could help you, please check out our blog post by clicking here!

Claim your artist page

Claiming your artist pages on stores will show that you are professional and serious about your work.

You can personalise your artist pages across our partner stores with a bio, an artist image and more.

Please head to our Support Hub article by clicking here for information on how to claim and customise your artist pages.

Utilise social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…use them all! And post regularly. The more active you are online, the more likely you are to be heard and seen. Remember though, quality is pretty much always more important than quantity.

Publish new music regularly

This is so important. Stay active with your audience!

Go on tour

Put yourself out there! The more concerts you schedule, the more likely you’ll be heard and seen, both online and on stage.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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