What is prohibited content on Spotify?

We believe in a freedom of expression, but use your discretion 🤫

Spotify takes pride in being an ‘open platform for artistic expression‘. However, we all have our limits! Spotify could still remove content from the store if it is considered Prohibited Content.

Prohibited content is referring to the content that may be removed or filtered from Spotify if it violates Spotify’s policies or if it contains one of the following:

Infringing Content
Any content provided to Spotify without direct permission from the rightsholder or that infringes upon the trademarks of others could be removed. If you’re using any samples, for example, make sure you’ve got permission!

Illegal Content
Spotify may remove any content that violates local laws.

Have a little read of Spotify’s Platform Rules by clicking here.
If you’ve found any issues with any content on the store, you can report this by clicking here.

RouteNote‘s policy and agreements with our partner stores may mean we have to remove or disapprove any content that may fall under this category. We may also send the release back to you for further editing.

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