What is TikTok Music?

Shining a light on those TikTok stars

ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, have launched TikTok Music; a music streaming platform with a extensive catalogue of music. The service’s main features are music streaming, offline playback, mobile and desktop apps, a swipable music discovery feed, comments, collaborative playlists, real-time lyrics, lyric search, and Song Catch – a Shazam-style music identification tool.

At current, TikTok Music is mostly a rebrand of Resso, ByteDance’s existing music streaming service. Resso shut down their free model in May this year, and TikTok Music is taking over as a subscription-only music streaming service. TikTok Music will, at first, only be available in two of the three countries Resso is available in – Brazil and Indonesia. Resso will be shutting down in both Brazil and Indonesia from September 5. Subscribers can transfer their memberships and library to TikTok Music.

There’s also a discovery feature, that highlights tracks that have gone viral on TikTok. Hopefully, with the new TikTok and TikTok Music connection, viral snippets will help enhance the number of full-length streams!

Sony Music pulled their catalogue from Resso last September and are now back on board with their catalogue, now available on both TikTok Music and Resso. There’s also music from major labels Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, as well as plenty of other indie labels, licensing agencies and distributors, like RouteNote!

How do I get my release on TikTok Music?

If your release is already distributed to TikTok with RouteNote, then you don’t need to lift a finger! Your music will be automatically delivered to TikTok Music.

For new releases, upon creating your release, ensure to select TikTok as one of your chosen stores for distribution.

Providing your release is eligible for Content Recognition stores (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok), then once your release has been approved, your release will be automatically sent to TikTok Music along with TikTok, and your other chosen stores.

How do I download TikTok Music?

TikTok Music is available to download on mobile and desktop in Brazil and Indonesia at music.tiktok.com.
📌 Please note! There is no word yet on a further roll out at this point.

How much is TikTok Music?

R$ 16.9 ($3.49) per month
49,000 rupiah ($3.25) per month on iOS
44,900 rupiah ($2.96) per month on Android for the first year, then 49,000 rupiah

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