Where is my payment?

Where’s the wonga? It won’t be much longer 🌈

If your payment is late, please have a look at our checklist found by clicking here, to see if it could be any of these issues! Here’s some hints & tips below.

Your statistics and earnings are updated on your account 45 days after the month they’re earned in, for example – the streams and downloads you receive in January would be shown on your account on the 15th of March.

Once you’ve earned over $50, your payment will automatically be sent to your linked PayPal account or bank account by the 20th of the month. Your payment may be received at any point between the 15th to the 20th of each month if you’ve passed the threshold and have a payment method linked.

If you don’t have any payment details linked to your RouteNote account, or if you need to change the details that are already on your account, we now make payments via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Payoneer.

If you haven’t received your payment by the 20th and you’ve reached the $50 threshold, contact our fantastic support team and they will look into this for you.

Please note! Limited PayPal accounts may have restrictions with receiving payments – for more information, please refer to the guide from PayPal.

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