Which pricing model should I choose?

Pick ‘n’ choose, we guarantee you can’t lose 🏆

When you distribute your music through RouteNote, you can choose either Free or Premium distribution for each release.

With Free distribution, you receive 85% of all revenue generated from the release. There are no fees involved – it’s a great option if you’re a smaller artist or you want your content distributed without any charges (no hidden charges either!).

Premium distribution allows you to receive 100% of all revenue generated from your release – a good choice if your music is getting popular! You can upgrade your release from Free to Premium via your RouteNote discography.

You’ll need to pay an initial upfront fee, then there is an annual subscription charge of $9.99 from the following year if you want to keep the release on the Premium model.

We also offer a third pricing option called All Access which is a custom pricing option. If you’d like to find out more about this model, just get in touch with us for details at support@routenote.com

RouteNote Premium prices are listed below:

$10 – Single [1 Track]
$20 – EP [2 – 6 Tracks]
$30 – Album [7 – 18 Tracks]
$45 – Extended Album [19+ Tracks]
And then $9.99 the following year, annually.

This price comparison table shows how both of our Free and Premium distribution services compare to other music distribution sites such as TuneCore and CD Baby. This example is based on album pricing.

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In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns!

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