Why won’t my audio file upload?

Issues with upload? Here’s how you can turn into detective mode 🕵️

If you’re having audio issues, not to worry – we’ve got some solutions for you.

Before having a go at our further suggestions, try clearing your cache and browsing history. Please also re-accept the RouteNote site cookies and try using an incognito/private window!

If this doesn’t work for you, there’s a few things you can try:

1. Metadata Removal 

You will need to remove all metadata, including artwork, that is attached to your audio.

You can do this easily on a PC – click here for a link that will walk you through this. If you are using a Mac, there is an app available on the app store called Tag stripper that will perform the same function.

Our tools section has some great sites that can help you here too.

You can also find the tools section by following the instructions below:

  • Log into your RouteNote account
  • Hover over Community & Support
  • Select Tools

2. File name conflicts 

While we work to enable special symbols in our system, sometimes conflicts can arise. If your file name is particularly long or has special characters, please try renaming the file to something simpler before uploading. 

3. Track bit rate 

If you believe your track’s bitrate is lower than required (320 Kbps), then you will need to change the bit rate of your track to meet the specified bitrate.

You can do this via the desktop version of iTunes or head to the tools section on your RouteNote account and check out the resources available there.

Still having issues? Just let us know at support@routenote.com, attach one of your audio files and your UPC with your email, and we’ll try to find the issue!

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