Will stores accept my binaural/ASMR release?

Meditation? RouteNote is not the destination.

A small number of our partner stores don’t distribute certain types of release. Unfortunately, anything that falls into the following categories is likely to be rejected.

  • Binaural/frequency healing/meditation
    This basically means extremely ambient audio, stuff that’s overwhelmingly made up of very long tones. This is very often audio designed for meditation or relaxation, but may also include soundscape work.

    iTunes won’t accept releases of this type.
  • ASMR
    RouteNote doesn’t distribute speech only releases, so we aren’t able to accept that sort of ASMR, but we do accept ASMR releases that are audio of “things happening”, for want of a better term. This might be washing machine noises, air conditioning noises, the sound of someone chopping onions, etc.

    iTunes and GraceNote won’t accept releases of this type.
  • Field recordings
    Field recordings are releases exclusively/largely made up of recordings made of the world around us. This might include recordings of traffic noises, nature sounds, crowd sounds, the sound of a flowing river, and so on. Stores will only put something in this category if whole tracks on it are made up primarily of field recording audio. If your release is primarily musical but features isolated samples of this kind of audio, it won’t be considered a field recording release.

    iTunes won’t accept releases of this type.
  • White noise
    This means releases with whole tracks entirely, or almost entirely, made up of white noise.

    iTunes and GraceNote won’t accept releases of this type.

If you look on iTunes and GraceNote, you might find releases that appear to fall into these categories on there, which will probably be due to mistakes in the stores’ moderation process. Even if some content in these categories does exist there, we are unable to send these types of release to these stores.

Please note that the above types of release are also not suitable for content ID services.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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